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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Tune ID#3302 (Old Torn Petticoat I Bought in Mullingar)

Transcription of first 2 bars of Old Torn Petticoat I Bought in Mullingar about these two bars
These two bars were transcribed by me from how this tune was played – the first time through – on the recording FT (details in the Discography below).
Basic musical information on this tune.
Rhythm ?Bars8-bar phrase structureMode ?
Reel32AABBG Major
Titles ? given to this tune in the sources listed below (plus notes of mine about this tune):
Old Torn Petticoat I Bought in Mullingar, The / An Seanpheireacóit Stróicthe a Cheannaigh mé sa Mhuileann gCearr / The Petticoat I Bought in Mullingar / The Old Torn Petticoat / The Winding Hills of Sligo / McEvoy's (3rd in set Piper on Horseback on LMcK 1) (also parts reversed, on ODDMtn)
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Discography cd

Here are all recordings of this tune considering only the indexed recordings. I have discovered by careful listening that these sources are in fact musically the same tune, regardless of the tune titles they use, key changes, retuning, etc.

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[Album code] Artist. Title (Link to Album Info page). Performers (instruments).
[FT] John Whelan, Eileen Ivers. Fresh Takes. John Whelan (accordion), Eileen Ivers (fiddle). For this tune: John (accordion).
[BigSq] The Big Squeeze. Masters of the Celtic Accordion. John Whelan (accordion).
[SHernon] Seán Hernon. An Nóra Bheag. Seán Hernon (Eb whistle, banjo).
[SN 3] Sliabh Notes. Along Blackwater's Banks. Matt Cranitch (fiddle), Dónal Murphy (accordion), Tommy O'Sullivan (guitar, vocals).
[LMcK 1] Laura MacKenzie. Laura and the Lads. Laura MacKenzie (flute, whistle, concertina, vocals), Brian Miller (guitar). For this tune: (flute).
[ODDMtn] Our Dear Dark Mountain with the Sky over It. Darren (accordion).

Goes Well with . . .

In the above Discography, this tune is:

Played afterOn Albums
FT, BigSq
Smash the Windows
SN 3
John Blessing's
LMcK 1
Played beforeOn Albums
Tinker's Daughter
Bonnie Ann
SN 3
Piper on Horseback
LMcK 1
Green Cockade


Here are all transcriptions of this tune considering only the indexed books, listed in chronological order. I have discovered by careful comparison that these are musical matches to this tune as played on the recordings listed above.

Listing of published transcriptions of this tune.
As reel #72 in [MM] Martin Mulvihill. First Collection of Traditional Irish Music.
As reel #121 in [JKg 3] Josephine Keegan. A Drop in the Ocean. Traditional Irish Tunes Collected by Josephine Keegan.

If you are considering using the above transcriptions to help you learn this tune, I invite you to check these practical Tips for Learning Irish Traditional Music. See also: So why do you bother indexing books and abc?

Year of the oldest source for this tune, considering only the recordings and transcriptions listed above (note that I concentrate on sources after 1900): 1986