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Irish Traditional Music Tune Index
Tune ID#461 (Daniel of the Sun)

Transcription of first 2 bars of Daniel of the Sun about these two bars
These two bars were transcribed by me from how this tune was played – the first time through – on the recording MR 5 (details in the Discography below).
Basic musical information on this tune.
Rhythm ?Bars8-bar phrase structureMode ?
Double jig32AABBG Major
Titles ? given to this tune in the sources listed below (plus notes of mine about this tune):
Daniel of the Sun / Donal of the Sun / Dónall na Gréine / Donal na Greine / Sonny Dan / Daniel of the Stroke / Daniel Drunk / The Leg of the Duck / I Gave to My Nellie / Nelly’s Jig / Girls of the West / The Western Jig / The Bonny Highlander / Bucky Highlander / Buckey Highlander / Petticoat Loose / O My Dear Judy / O My Dear Father, Pity Your Daughter / O My Dear Father Pity Your Daughter / She Is the Girl that Can Do It / The Bottle of Brandy / Bully for You / The Bottle of Brandy Bully for You / Teddy You Gander / 'Tis Sweet to Think / Gillanadrouar / Gillinadrouer / From the Court to the Cottage (compare Joy of My Life #1004 and Leg of the Duck #1114)
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Discography cd

Here is the sole recording of this tune considering only the indexed recordings.

Click play below to hear the first 12 seconds.
[Album code] Artist. Title (Link to Album Info page). Performers (instruments).
~19939#1 (1:24)
[MR 5] Micho Russell. The Wind that Shakes the Barley. Micho Russell (whistle, vocals). For this tune: (C whistle).


Here are all transcriptions of this tune considering only the indexed books, listed in chronological order. I have discovered by careful comparison that these are musical matches to this tune as played on the recording listed above.

Listing of published transcriptions of this tune.
As tune #10 in [CRE 2] Breandán Breathnach. Ceol Rince na hÉireann 2. [available]
On page 7 of [MR] Barbara Wygol (tunes), Jenny Loui (text). The Piper's Chair. A Collection of Tunes and Folklore from Micho Russell.

If you are considering using the above transcriptions to help you learn this tune, I invite you to check these practical Tips for Learning Irish Traditional Music. See also: So why do you bother indexing books and abc?

Year of the oldest source for this tune, considering the recordings and transcriptions listed above (note that I concentrate on sources after 1900): 1967