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The Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Album Contents: Take the Floor with The Glenside by The Glenside

Basic album data
Artist NameThe Glenside
Album TitleTake the Floor with The Glenside
MusiciansTom Flood (accordion), Johnny Duffy (banjo), Moyra Fraser (keyboard, vocals), Aidan Flood (drums), with Mick Foster (piano accordion, vocals)
Source and
other information
Glenside Ceili Band, n.d. Recorded in The Downs, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. Released Dec. 2007 according to <http://www.setdancingnews.net/news/onews44.lp#News62>. Not indexed here: track 9 (Rose of San Antone), track 11 (Faded Love), the song on track 12 (Say You Love Me), track 17 (Whistling Rufus), track 19 (South of the Border), track 21 (Creole Jazz).

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Titles as listed on this album
11 Reel Mason's Apron
The Mason's Apron
2 Reel Tam Lin
The Tamlin
3 Reel Jenny's Chickens
Jenny's Chickens
4 Reel Glass of Beer
The Glass of Beer
5 Reel Galway Rambler
Galway Rambler
21 JigD Lough Derg Jig
Father Kelly's
2 JigD Kitty Lie Over
Paddy's Return
3 JigD Munster Buttermilk
Munster Buttermilk
31 Hpipe Off to California
Off to California
2 Hpipe Home Ruler
The Home Ruler
3 Hpipe Dunphy's Hornpipe
41 Polka Sweeney's Polka
[1st tune in a set titled:] Selection 1
2 Polka Dan Mac's
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Selection 1
3 Polka Mickey Chewing Bubblegum
[3rd tune in a set titled:] Selection 1
51 Slide Dingle Regatta
Dingle Regatta
2 Slide Going to the Well for Water
Sliabh Luachra
3 Slide Hundred Pipers
100 Jolly Pipers
61 Reel Sally Gardens
Sally Gardens
2 Reel Rolling in the Ryegrass
Shannon Breeze
3 Reel Miss McLeod
Miss McCloud's
71 Waltz Alpine Slopes
Alpine Slopes
81 Reel George White's Favourite
George White's Favourite
2 Reel Humours of Tulla
The Humours of Tulla
3 Reel Lord Ramsey's Reel
Lord Ramsey's
101 Reel Red-Haired Lass
The Red Haired Lass
2 Reel Old Concertina Reel
The Concertina
3 Reel Come West along the Road
Come West Along the Road
4 Reel Boyne Hunt
The Boyne Hunt
122 Reel Devaney's Goat
[untitled break in song:] Say you Love me
Performer: Mick Foster (piano accordion)
131 Waltz Oslo Waltz
Oslo Waltz
141 Reel Pigeon on the Gate
The Pigeon on the Gate
2 Reel Foxhunter's Reel
The Foxhunter
3 Reel Lady Anne Montgomery
Lady Ann Montgomery
151 Song Bonny Boy
Bonny Boy
Performer: Moyra Fraser
161 JigD Ship in Full Sail
The Ships in Full Sail
2 JigD Rambling Pitchfork
The Rambling Pitchfork
3 JigD Kesh Jig
The Kesh
181 Hpipe Galway Hornpipe
The Galway Hornpipe
2 Hpipe Stack of Wheat
The Stack of Wheat
3 Hpipe Plains of Boyle
The Plains of Boyle
201 Polka St. Mary's
[1st tune in a set titled:] Selection 2
2 Polka Denis Murphy's Polka
[2nd tune in a set titled:] Selection 2
3 Polka Rose Tree
[3rd tune in a set titled:] Selection 2
221 Mzrka Shoe the Donkey
Shoe the Donkey
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