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Index of Tune Titles in O'Neill's Music of Ireland and Dance Music of Ireland

Here you will find a spreadsheet in Microsoft-Excel format presenting all tune titles listed in two of Francis O'Neill's books: O'Neill's Music of Ireland, originally published in 1903, and The Dance Music of Ireland, originally published in 1907. Note that the index for the latter book is on the second "sheet" of the file (use the tabs at the bottom of your spreadsheet screen to access it). This file was prepared by David Moulton and donated to for public use on 30 January 2002. The current version provided here is dated 1 Feb 2003. Please contact David Moulton to contribute your corrections or suggestions. E-mail David at dj.moulton@sympatico.canospam (remove the letters "nospam" to use this address) or Alan at We can convert this file to other formats if your computer can't read Excel format.

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From another site, hosted by John Chambers, you can also download abc translations of the tunes in these books.