The following publications, written by various generous individuals, are significant contributions to the global, community project of indexing the repertoire of Irish traditional instrumental music. As editor of , Alan Ng offers a standing invitation to submit proposals for new publications here. Contact Alan at .


Author Link and Description
Patrick Cavanagh Index of Sliabh Luachra on Parade. Patrick prepared these complete ABC transcriptions as well as a spreadsheet of the contents of this book by Paul Deloughery.
Paul de Grae Index of Irish Tune Books. Paul has put an enormous amount of his expertise and time into identifying the tunes in more than forty tune books. If you have any of these tune books yourself, you can use Paul's index to discover the "true identity" of tunes in your books.
Paul de Grae Sources of tunes in the O'Neill collections. Paul's notes, tune by tune, on where Francis O'Neill's collected the material for Music of Ireland (1903) and Dance Music of Ireland (1907).
Paul de Grae Ryan's Mammoth Collection and the O'Neill Collections. "This is an examination of the possible influence of Ryan's Mammoth Collection, published in Boston in 1883, on Captain Francis O'Neill's two principal collections, Music of Ireland, published in Chicago in 1903, and The Dance Music of Ireland, published in Chicago in 1907."
David Moulton Index of Tune Titles in O'Neill's Music of Ireland and Dance Music of Ireland. David selflessly typed in all of the tune titles (including O'Neill's alternate titles) in these two major books. The data is in a well-organized Excel spreadsheet, which permits you to easily import David's work into your own project. Other tune indexers may find David's work invaluable.
Jack Schroevers and Anneke Eijkelboom Jack Schroevers's and Anneke Eijkelboom's Index of Tune Titles in Various Tunebooks. Jack and Anneke are freely sharing their work typing in nearly 15,000 tune titles from many different tunebooks.